Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to kill Miraak from dragonborn

Hey guys, it's Jaeger from BlazeXgames. Today I will tell you some good tips and tricks for killing Miraak, the antagonist from Dragonborn. I beat him easily at lvl.15 on my new account, so you guys will easily kill him. First off, once you arrive at the summit he's going to be blabbing about how "The first dragonborn meets the last." So run up and stab him, unless you really appreciate poetry or something, and there will be a giant pile of books. Run to it, get behind it with a bow and/or spells, and cast a spell or shoot. Then hide before he gets you with his staff. There will be dragons and he heals himself by killing them, and absorbing their souls. Don't attack them because he kills them anyway, but don't be discouraged he runs out and can't heal himself. Then, when he runs out of health he'll retreat and Hermaeous Mora kills him. Thanks for reading guys good luck! 

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